Your clients will love you for protecting them

Keep your clients happy with better conversion rates and optimized, fraud free campaigns.
Your client’s enemy is your enemy, take action!
When a competitor/bot clicks on your clients ads it is disastrous for the campaign that you manage. With ClickCease you have all the tools to prove yet again to your client that he made the right decision to work with you.
PPC pros from agencies around the world asked for these features, we listened
Multiple domain view
All your clients safe in one place
See all your clients fraud levels in one snap shot. Dig deeper when we notify you of something critical on one of your client accounts.
Sub accounts
Give your clients the proof they were after
Have your clients already suspected foul play on their campaigns? Prove to them that their suspicion was spot on. Client sub-accounts offer clients the opportunity to view and control their domain without compromising your other client's confidential information.
Strategic Reporting
Guided account management
In addition to the live dashboard we will send you monthly reports with recommendations and advanced performance analytics. You can share these with your clients and make sure that all the domains you are managing are getting the love and attention they deserve.
Trusted by organizations worldwide
How we will help you win with your clients
Ultimate insights and solutions
There are many ways to commit click fraud and solving it needs to be customized to the campaign, industry and client. ClickCease will help your agency discover the best solution to the click fraud that afflicts your customers, on each one of their domains.
Identify campaign vulnerabilities
Which IPs, devices, Geos and keywords are generating fraud on your clients ads, when does this happen and how, all at your fingertips.
Maximise your clients online revenue!
We make sure your PPC budgets are going towards clean traffic with a higher conversion rate.
Clickcease works with any platform
Whether you want to prevent click fraud on your own custom site or on one of the platforms below, Clickcease takes just minutes to install.