Andy L.

I've been using ClickCease for a while now. Their service has been stellar; from their easy to read data, to their fast and friendly customer service.

If you've been dealing with fraudulent clicks on your Adword, Bing, etc, ads, I highly recommend ClickCease as a safety net that will definitely catch the considerable number of bad clicks that Google can't. It's a great way to stop the fake clicks from bleeding your ad budget dry.

ross shames
Ross Hames Security

I’m constantly getting sales calls. ‘Can I speak to the business owner’ since having clickcease it has highlighted the amount of clicks we get from Manchester, Scotland Liverpool. Now I am aware, I have excluded those locations from my adwords. No more unwanted clicks

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Will Webb

"ClickCease helps us block bots from spending our AdWords advertising budget"

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Michael Kano
Marina Divers

Very easy and friendly interface, perfect and quick customers support, good value for money, I would recommend to anyone

Dan Churukian
Owner, Emerald Coast Home Inspectors LLC

This as a godsend for my advertising money. Anything that can stop phony clicks and fraudulent calls that deplete your budget is a win win in my book.

Neeraj Bansal
Product Engineer, Stylumia Intelligence Technology Private Limited

It may save you thousands of bucks!

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Watch how PageWiz combated bot traffic and experienced:

  • 20% increase in signups

  • Thousands of dollars in savings on their ad spend

  • Improved their campaign presence

Phu Bui
Digital Marketing Manager, Automattic (WordPress)

"ClickCease helps us block bots from spending our AdWords advertising budget"

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Tomer Aaron
Co-founder, Poptin

Since we installed ClickCease we increased our ROI by 30%. ClickCease offers a user friendly interface, very responsive support and features that every startup and performance digital marketing agency should use.

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Michael Wells
Managing Director, Third Light (Cambridge, UK)

"ClickCease has helped us steer clear of the pitfalls of pay-per-click advertising. In a competitive market like ours, there are too many simple ways for competitors to interfere with advertising using unsavoury tactics. ClickCease is our safety net, putting an end to those attacks on our advertising budget. It helps us to keep a close eye on our expenses with fantastic analytics which are easy to understand. For the price, ClickCease is indispensable. It fixes a really thorny problem so elegantly."

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Stacy M.

I'm really liking the product you have here. What's even more interesting is that google has become far more proactive about crediting false clicks to my account since I've signed up to your services. Previous to your service, I was being charged for everything and anything, literally $***s of dollars per month of false clicks from people who would spend 0 seconds on my site and bounce 100% of the time.

Now with your product, google has been wiping the false clicks and my budget has gone solely on actual customers! What a difference that makes to my business.

I will definitely be continuing with your services

Brandon Wingerter
Owner, Mr. QuickPick Salem

My overall experience was that working with clickcease has helped and will continue to help us fight back against our competitors who have nothing better to do with their time then changing their IP's and clicking on our ads. Nice to know that we won't even show up to them anymore once they do it once, and they'll think we aren't running ads anymore! Love it!

Joshua Dreyfus
Application Support Engineer II, Sundt Construction

The detection algorithms are incredibly advanced. Being able to control traffic at the click of a mouse is super useful. We needed accurate analytics regarding ad response, but with bots so prevalent it was almost impossible to get an accurate picture. ClickCease gave us this information and further allowed us to control/report on a variety of factors. Keyword and placement analytics helped us tailor our advertising for a better response which was immediately visible as effective.

sundt logo
Lee Alderman
Always Affordable Locksmiths Ltd

Helps me sleep at night knowing that my competition isn't clicking me to the poor house.

Guillermo P.

You won't feel alone anymore with click fraud protection. You won't waste as much money as before and you will get many more leads.

Nik Rivas-Barnao

#Adwords has become a whole lot cheaper thanks to the @ClickCease team. IMO the best of all the fraud-click blockers! (I've tried many)

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Richard Cuthbertson
Xytron Ltd.

We use this to mitigate click fraud on our business adwords account and it proves itself effective in locating troublesome IP's which we then look to target for fraud abuse. Thanks for creating such useful software!

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Jack O'Neil

Since the beginning of AdWords, it's been a challenge to identify inefficient & possibly fraudulent budget depletion methods used by Competitors. ClickCease fills in this gap, giving you the insights you need to confidently invest into effective online advertising.

Conrado Bojorquez
Google Ads Specialist

Great Service With Great Support Team

Michael H.
Customtek Limited

Helped me stop CPC fraud by showing me IP addresses that clicked too many times consecutively

Ruben Pizarro
Owner, Lakeland Marketing Pros

Nothing but good experience. Saving our clients hundreds

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